Glossary of business gas terminology

For your reference, here’s a glossary of common business gas industry terminology. If you need to know more, please
contact Regent Gas.

Allocation of unidentified gas expert (AUGE) charges

In the gas supply industry, these charges relate to the theft of gas by end users, unregistered gas meters, gas leakages and errors in gas meter readings.
Customer number

Your unique company reference to identify your company on our system.
Maximum load

The maximum capacity of the gas service that is required, expressed in units of energy, max. that the service is required to supply under the specified Network operational pressures.
Metering charges

These are applied by licensed meter asset managers for the rental of your gas meter, its periodic maintenance and meter reading.
Meter point reference number

Gas meter point reference numbers (MPRN), often referred to as ‘M’ numbers, is the unique identifying number for you property (not your gas meter). It should be printed on your gas bill.
Meter serial number

A meter serial number or ‘MSN’ is a unique number that identifies your gas meter. You will find it on the front of the meter, or on the meter box. It usually contains a combination of letters and numbers.

The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets. Government department with the task of regulating the gas and electricity markets in Great Britain.
Pressure tier

The pressure at which your business requires its gas supply to be delivered?
Site reference

Your unique reference to identify your individual site on our system.
Take or pay

In gas supply agreements, take-or-pay clauses require the buyer to purchase and take delivery of a certain quantity of gas, or to pay for it regardless of whether it takes delivery.
Transportation charges

These are approved by OFGEM and applied by the National Grid and the country’s eight local gas distribution networks for the use of their pipelines in transporting the gas supply to your premises.