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Nobody likes filling out long online forms just to get a quote on business gas, they take too much time.  And if you’re in a business, it’s time you often haven’t got.

That’s why, at Regent Gas, we really try to keep our forms as short and concise as possible.  So here’s ours for you, on the right.

Please complete it, and we’ll get back to you within 2-3 working days with a competitive business gas quote.

Note that your quote will be based on accurate gas consumption figures that we will receive from Xoserve (the UK gas transporters’ administrator).

We look forward to hearing from you.

(Of course if you prefer, you can always call us on 0845 2412700 and we’ll do it over the phone.  Please just have all the information ready.  Or email it to us instead.)

If you’re happy with our quote, what happens next?

Switching your business operations to Regent Gas is straightforward – it only takes these 5 steps:

1 Contract

If you’re happy with our quote, we’ll send a contract to you by either email or post. On receipt, check all the details and satisfying yourself that everything is in order, sign it and return it to us, along with a copy of a letter showing that you have terminated your existing business gas contract.
2 Confirmation

After receiving your signed contract, we’ll ask Xoserve to transfer the gas supply to Regent Gas from your existing supplier.
3 Transfer

It typically takes 10 working days to transfer the supply of commercial gas from your existing supplier to a new one - unless that is your existing business gas supplier objects to the transfer (read on)
4 Objection

There are only 2 reasons your current business gas supplier might object to the transfer: 1) You are still under contract with them, or 2) You still owe money to them for gas supplied. If your current supplier does object, we will advise you asap.
5 Reading

Once your business site is transferred to Regent Gas, we will inform you of the date from which we will start supplying gas (the ‘live’ date). A meter reader will visit and send the meter reading to both us and your previous supplier, who will then invoice you for gas consumed up to the transfer reading. Regent Gas takes over the invoicing.

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* Information found on your existing business gas invoice.